Thursday, 19 December 2013


I'm currently developing samurai armies for DBR / DBA and similar and am hoping to get the armies in the field for the second half of 2014 (as I need to playtest DBR as it counts as a 'new' ruleset).  This leaves two 'projects' for existing rules - a WW1 British Army for Spearhead and the opposing AWI armies which I'll base for PoW 18C.

I've looked on the Baccus site for painting tips and have got the book required to (hopefully) do justice to the models.  It looks like a good period - lots of smaller battles which is better for Thursday nights but also some larger battles for a Saturday.

While the British are predominantly red (with a few exceptions) the Rebel uniforms were many and varied - even at the end of the conflict in 1779.  To allow for this I am going to do half the Rebel forces in variations of blue (the predominant colour at the end of the war) but introduce some of the earlier regimental colours for the other half of the army.  Not necessarily historically accurate but enough to give the flavour of the period.

First units I'll try out over Crimbo then see how we get on from there.

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