Thursday, 19 December 2013


Its a bit late, but as promised, specific rule amendments for tomorrow.  I shall go through them when we are assembled.

50% casualties in a command will limit that command to hold only orders.  In addition, the whole army will drop a level of order ability each time a command drops below 50%.  For each army it will follow the template below each time a command falls below 50%:
Ottoman= Attack > Attack > Hold >Retire  (The Ottomans can still use engage until they reach Hold only)
Imperials= Attack > Engage > Hold > Retire
Any unit that routes will cause an immediate morale check on other units of the same type (or class if cav) within 8”
Imperials must take Banja Luka or force Ottoman relief army to retire
Ottomans must clear west bank of of the river in order to relieve Banja Luka, and force Imperials onto “Hold” orders to gain historical victory.
Ottoman artillery in the bastions fire out of any face on a 45 degree arc.
The Ottoman mortar on a roll of “6” can destroy one Imperial siege mortar or siege artillery piece, or cause a morale check on an entrenched Imperial infantry unit.
Imperial siege artillery on a roll of “5” or “6” causes a morale check on any visible Ottoman unit upon the ramparts.  Imperial mortars on a “6” causes a morale check on any random Ottoman unit within or upon the walls.
Hildburghausen can personally detach a unit from his command and attach it to (once he has moved it to within 8”) a subordinate commander.
The Ottoman advance command arrives at the start of the battle.  The main command arrives on 2D6 <turn number.  It must be decided at the start of the game whether the command arrives on the South or East table side.
Until the Imperial bridgehead is destroyed, no Ottoman reinforcements can cross the bridge.
Abbatis count as barbed wire when crossing.
Storming the city walls counts as barbed wire when a unit moves into contact.
Imperials in trenches get -2 cover.
Ottomans on the walls get a -3 cover.

All Ottoman units get a shift right in melee against shaken opponent.


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