Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Following the Emperor's declaration of war, Hilburghausen's contingent of 17000 Imperials advanced across the Ottoman border in July with the intention of taking the fortified town of Banja Luka, the key to northern Bosnia.

An Imperial force has crossed the river Verbas to the east of Banja Luka, attempting to cut off supplies and reinforcements to the garrison.

Meanwhile, Hildburghausen has broken ground on 27th July and trench lines supported by siege artillery push towards the western flank. 

The town is rigorously defended by the Pasha of Banja Luka, and repeated sorties are flung against the infidel.  However, by the 3rd August the saps are far advanced and a number of breaches are made, and Hildburghausen is about to launch an assault when news reaches him that the Governor of Bosnia, Ali Pasha, a renegade Venetian physician, is approaching with an army of relief.

Does Hilburghausen carry on with his assault, hoping that a success against the fortifications will sap the will of the Ottomans, or does he fight the main Muslim host before securing Banja Luka, or does he attempt both?

Can Ali Pasha destroy the main Imperial army before rescuing the town, or can the garrison mount a last great sortie against a weakened contingent in the siege lines?

The choices, gentleman, will be yours.  I hope that before you choose which force to command and which strategies to adopt, I shall get a further opportunity to post the strengths and weakness of the respective armies and outline the specific rules for this battle.


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  1. We should dice / toss a coin for sides and see how we progress. I'd like to give the Ottoman's a go but I will go with the random selection.