Thursday, 19 December 2013

Rules:- Fleet of battle
Ships :- Xyston 1/600
Carthaginian fleet
Roman fleet
Carthage took an early lead but the romans boarded and captured several enemy ships
In the end it was deemed a draw
the Carthaginians had sunk more of the roman fleet
but the romans had captured/crippled about the same number from the cathage fleet



  1. I like the fact that the romans already had a big red life raft already in the water before the battle started. That improves morale that does

  2. We were luring the Cathaginians into a false sense of security before razing their city and ploughing the land with salt (allowing them to grow tasty pre-salted potatoes for crisps).

  3. Mark - I found the magazine with the rules for this on a side table in the lounge. I'll bring it tomorrow.