Sunday, 8 December 2013

Brietenfeld 1631 Principles Of War Renaissance Rules

Here are some of the photos from Last weekends excellent replay of Brietenfeld kindly organised by Ian at his house.

Initial deployment Of Both armies, Tilly and the Imperialists are deployed nearest the trees below..

 One of Ian's superbly painted and based Tercio blocks (figures by Heroics and Ros)
 Imperial Cavalry
 Tercio deployed on "Gallows Hill"
 Tilly's gun line

 Another nice side shot of Ian's handy paint work, below are Imperial Cavalry (figures by Heroics & Ros)
 Side view of Gallows Hill, I think the poor chap hanging could be Mark after he was put on trial for "dodgy book keeping"
 Initial clash on the left flank, Mark makes a bold move with Gustavos' and his cavalry against Pappenheim's Cavalry, little did we know that this opening gambit led to the doom of the Protestant armies!......
 Tilly floats behind his advancing Tercio's, this proved a big bonus for the Imperial army, the extra pips helped push on stray units.
 Tilly sends a new order..... I did not fancy my chances against Gustavo's on the left flank so had to think quick so I sent a new order to the Tercio below to attack Gustavo's and create an imbalance on this side of the field.

 A few moves on and Mark realises that he is getting a thumping. The Tercio's arrived in good time to help out Pappenheim's weakened force. The rest as they say is history......

 In the centre the Protestant gun line continued to pound away at my closing Tercio's but to no effect as the attack order and General attached boosted them up to 19 strength. I passed all the morale tests from the artillery barrage and was looking in good shape to get those pike in.....
 Some right Flank action, This group of Tercio and cavalry were sent over to keep Ian and his Saxon force busy.
I think I got too involved in the battle after this so forgot to take any more pics!
The Tercio in the centre eventually clashed with the Swedish and despite losing a couple of units they caused some dreadful damage to Gustavo's army. With the left now secured I was only a couple of turns away from rolling up Mark's left flank, not good....
Over on the right Ian launched a counter attack against my cavalry and for a brief moment I thought I had cocked it all up as I lost a few units down to bad morale rolls but with the arrival of my Tercios the Saxons soon started to crumble.
So we called it after a very long and enjoyable day's gaming. Tilly won the day!
Very well played to Ian and Mark and hats off to Mark for being a good sport as he rolled some dreadful dice on the day. I think we counted 11 10's on a d10 and at least 4 20's!
It's always frustrating when the dice don't come good but he kept on fighting to the end!

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