Monday, 30 December 2013

World War 1 Coloured Markers

Before anyone orders anything I think I have the cheapest solution for our required coloured markers for WW1 guns.

I picked these up last Year at the show we attended in Wolverhampton

they are a handy 15mm diameter and made from MDF. I simply airbrushed these with red and orange.

They are currently available from for £1 for 30 so I will order some once I have some feedback on how many we really need.

I can easy spray them using my air brush with the designated colours which we require for the guns.

Let me know what you think and how many packs I need to order.


  1. You can get 500 plastic tiddlywinks in multiple colours for about £6 on amazon and ebay.

  2. I would try cheap and cheerful tiddlywinks to begin with and make sure we are happy with our method before you put any polish to it.