Monday, 12 May 2014

Spearhead WW2 revue

did my homework this weekend and found a few items within the rules, some of them I knew, some were a complete surprise
Please read and comment before Thursday
Spearhead WW2 revue
3.2.1 Higher level HQ,s (regimental, brigade) and any support platoons associated with them must be attached to one or more fighting battalions. No making fighting battalions out of the HQ and any attachments
3.2.2 If the battalion HQ is killed the battalion may not change orders unless the higher HQ steps in to assume command. A platoon is nominated as a new BC but only for command zone purposes.
3.8.1 BC(battalion commander) must remain stationary when on defend orders and may only move with an order change.
Page 6 movement arrows may curve to take advantage of terrain (see diagram)
3.11.1 Battalion which make a break off retreat 2 moves (even suppressed platoons) after the second move all platoons pivot to face the enemy.
3.12 change orders receive a +1 if a higher HQ is attached.
4.1 A divisional recon battalion when used as a combat battalion is treated as an ordinary fighting battalion(no recon abilities?).
When recon companies/platoons are attached to a battalion on defend orders they must stay within the command zone.
5.6.1 AT guns of 40mm or less may be manhandled (those above need to be towed)
5.6.2 120mm mortars must be towed.
5.8 Hills wheeled /towed vehicles half speed.
6.3.1 Hills, all stationary platoons on hills are spotted as if in cover (3” infantry/6” vehicles) units that move on hills are spotted as if in open ground.
7.1.3 Platoons that may not move and fire (assault guns, SPGs, vehicles lacking turrets, crew served weapons)
7.3.1 Infantry target priority (all infantry, then HMG, gun, mortar)
7.4 Range is centre point to centre point
7.4.1 Support weapons may fire thru any number of original battalion platoons but not support weapons. When support weapons that are touching a supported platoon, then range is from the supported platoon.
This would allow support weapons to support infantry in a wood line without being directly exposed to enemy fire themselves. This rule supersedes the 12” spotting rule for infantry in cover.
7.5 Only platoons positioned at the edge of cover/woods may be targeted (see above) firing within cover/woods is limited to 3”.
8.4.1 Any fighting platoon, recon or BC may function as a FO for on table artillery and mortar units attached to the battalion. An FO for divisional artillery must be attached to a battalion (FO does not add to the size of a battalion).
If the battalion is destroyed the FO may attach itself to another battalion.
Each divisional battery has its own FO.
10.0 close combat, Platoon involved in assaults/overruns (either target or attacker) may be fired upon by all eligible firers in any fire phase, this means that the attacker or defender may be targeted by artillery, infantry, AT and tank fire before close combat.
10.1 assaults may not be used to circumvent priority rules (infantry may not attack an AT gun while in the presence of enemy infantry)
10.2 armoured assaults may not be used to circumvent priority rules (armour may not attack infantry while in the presence of enemy armour)
11.3 spotting is allowed from a town sector against targets in the open.
12.4 rally from suppression +1 BC (German) +1 regimental (others) +2 regimental (German)


  1. Good post Mark. Looks like we could use a 'How to play Spearhead' booklet like the one for 'How to play DBA'.

  2. Must admit there are a few on there I didn't realise. So off table artillery cannot be attached at regimental level; the FOO moves with the battalion but calls it in as a divisional attachment? SPGs I knew about. Regt HQ battalions must be attached is a pity as Germans did form adhoc kampfgruppe. Never considered target priority for close assaults but it makes sense. Spotting from town centre allows for use of FO. +1 for higher HQ attached when changing orders will make a big difference for the Russians. I suggest we play to the letter of the rules as they do flow better; that's what we are finding with WW1 spearhead. Nice post Mark make sure you label it WW2 spearhead.