Monday, 30 June 2014

Current Projects

Following on from Phil and Ian's posts.....

Currently on the paint desk are some H & R Early Persians for DBX, lots to paint but quick and pleasantly lacking in flash and mould lines for a change :)

The Sapabara / Immortals are all on 40mm deep bases so there is a bit more more involved than normal.

I'll base the army on 500 AP from the DBMM army list book.

Once these are done I will be getting some Greeks. I am hoping that Jon will get himself a Gallic army at some point?

I want to spend a lot more time on my ancients this year as there are a lot of the classical armies I want to collect but also some earlier chariot / egyptian themed armies too.

WW1 Early British

Done an infantry division to date and some artillery but the Project is on the back-burner while I am concentrating on my Persian's.

I am looking forward to seeing Phil's late war Brit's along with some contributions from Mark and Jon at some point.

I am in no rush to get these finished yet but will no doubt be spurred on when I see other armies appearing.....

With H & R announcing upcoming new moulds for Russian's Mark has no excuses anymore!

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  1. Can't wait to see you paint and play a WW1 British cavalry division. +1 in close combat as cavalry and a further +1 as veteran. Just as well they're not lance armed!