Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Idiots guide to

Forward observers


Indirect battalion support weapons must always be used in support of its parent battalion; soft targets must be attacked in preference to armoured.

Any fighting platoon may act as a forward observer for indirect battalion support weapons (not support weapons).

Indirect weapons from divisional assets must have a separate FO stand per firing battalion.

Indirect battalion support weapons must fire as per target priority (nearest infantry etc. etc.)

Divisional indirect fire may target any eligible target (must be in support of attached battalion)

Divisional FO may be attached to a fighting battalion and must move with the battalion (it is not a recon unit) he may be dropped off like a support weapon. FO does not increase the size of a battalion.

Divisional FO that are killed are not replaced

Divisional FO that is contacted in close combat is automatically killed.

If the battalion that a divisional FO is attached is routed then the FO goes into General support and may move to join another battalion.

Indirect battalion support weapons use the battalion support chart, Divisional indirect fire uses the divisional support chart.

Divisional artillery battalions that are not attached to fighting battalions are classed as general support.

An FO is still required.

The FO must be within the command zone of the fighting battalion requesting support (it may not go off and hunt targets like recon)

General support call in is from the divisional support chart with a -1 (except for Americans)

All FO must be stationary to call in indirect fire.

Aircraft assets are treated like divisional artillery