Friday, 11 July 2014

We're all going to Joy of Six

Mark will not be allowed to sing whilst he's driving unless Russ wants to accompany him as Una Stubbs!

I was talking with Phil today and I thought it might be a good idea to put down what I hope to get out of our weekend in sunny Sheffield.

Several years ago we used to go on our annual outing to Salute.  This involved a visit to someplace of interest on the Friday, a dodgy but amusing night out in Romford, a visit to the main event on the Saturday and a final sojourn to Navwar on the way home.  We did this for three or four years on the run but we knocked it on the head when Salute just got a bit samey.

So, I am hoping we will recapture some of the above with a visit to either Bosworth or the armouries on the Saturday, a meal and a drink in the evening and a show that we will participate in on the Sunday.  For me, it will be interesting whether we get a lot more out of a show that we are contributing to, and perhaps, meet people who we would want to talk with and may enrich our approach to 6mm wargaming.

This then could become an event that we want to attend every year, for which we would enjoy putting on a game, that would be fun as a group activity and would further push the quality of our gaming.

These are my hopes and it will be interesting to review them after the event.  Please comment and let every one know what your expectations are.


  1. Since I'm playing cliff that weekend I hope your all in good voice,
    I have a karaoke greatest hits for the journey,
    and we don't do "My way" until we're almost home.
    It will be interesting to be the other side of the table at a show for once and to see if we can put up with inane questions from the public before we put up the "Fxxx off" sign up.
    If it is sunny I vote for Bosworth as I want to put on that battle this year,
    It will also help that I'm driving the van "mwah ha ha"

  2. I enjoyed our dodgy nights out in Romford. It's only you light weights that wouldn't go clubbing. That and frank talking to god on a Sunday morning down the porcelain megaphone.

  3. Looking forward to the weekend, hope our game is well received and it is good to hear that H & R will be there.

    I guess the Weather will dictate were we end up going on the Saturday.