Wednesday, 13 August 2014

DBMM - Part 3 "ME" Morale Equivalents

Unlike DBA wherein your command is broken at a 3rd of it's total elements lost DBMM has a more detailed system to handle morale (no surprises there!)

When you are organising your troops into their commands each element has a "ME" rating, the total of which adds up to give your commands a number.

Lose a quarter of your total ME and your troops will become disheartened (this makes them fight with a -1 in close combat)

Lose a third and your broken which is the equivalent of what we have been playing in DBA. (you can hold elements or groups in place at the cost of a pip each, otherwise all your troops will turn 180 and rout towards the table edge they arrived on)

Lose half and your command is shattered - remove all elements that remain.

Now that you know the morale status modes above the ME points for elements are as follows......

Expendables, Horde (I), Camels (X), Artillery (X), War Wagons (X) and rear elements of required double based elements - 0 ME

General's element (any troop type) 4 ME

Baggage (S) other than a generals element 3ME

Elephants (X) or (I), Knights, Cavalry (S), Camelry (S), Spears (S), Blades (S), War Wagons (S) or (O) reguar army baggage = 2ME each

Warband except (S), Auxillia except (S), Bows (I), other Horde Psiloi and irregular spears (I) irregular pikes all - ME 1/2

Other troops and irregular or command baggage  except (S) = ME 1

That's your lot on this now, it's time to try and put all this into practice tomorrow.

I have been trying to de code the rules on the spontaneous advance and I have made some progress but there are bound to be mistakes or things missed tomorrow so please don't crucify me!

I managed to find some very handy print off sheets giving examples of spontaneous advances so these will come in handy. I think for tomorrow's game it will only be the Carthaginian's with the Warband who will have to work on the rule.



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