Monday, 4 August 2014

Moving on up

Nothing can stop me now......... unless it's DBMM!

Yes it's time to introduce the big guns. We have had ample experience with DBA now and I personally believe that everyone will be able to enjoy the added complexity and nuances of Phil Barkers' highly acclaimed DBMM V2.0

The plan is to gradually introduce sections from the rules into our current DBA setup. Based on previous horror stories with these rules I want to make sure that we don't end up dazed and confused and by a gradual phasing in the transition will be that much easier in the long run.

The first part of the plan is to introduce just the combat section. This will mean that everyone will have to re learn a good part of what we have been used to over the last weeks. It should be a lot easier as we are all now well versed in DBA terminology.

For those turning up this Thursday please don't expect a "smooth" ride. The game is bound to be a lot slower this week because of the new combat rules. Just to wet your appetites there are a whole lot more tactical factors plus the introduction of grading points wherein we finally get to start exploring troop quality types.

The rear support factors are totally different to DBA and you will also discover that outcomes will vary depending on whose bound it is.

Here below are the two playsheet pages from the back of the rules.
We are not going to concern ourselves with the first page below as this covers other areas in the rules.

This is the page that will be our bible. It looks a lot worse than it actually is to be fair and I do think that once we have grasped the nuances everything will start to run nice and smooth. Remember this just a more complex set of mechanics than DBA!

Game setup and the command and control rules will remain unchanged for the time being. I would like to play at least 2 more weeks using the new combat rules. I know that Mark is looking to do some Grand Armee soon so I just want everyone to have some experience with these combat rules.

I will be benching the project soon for a good few Months but I would hope that there is enough interest during the break for a re visit in the not too distant future. Phil has a nice Republican Roman Army to fight my Carthaginian's and I am working away at painting up Spartan and Persian 500 AP armies for next Year. Mark has his Early Romans and I hope that you buy your Gallic army soon Jon!

  After Napoleonics we have some more WW1 spearhead to play plus Victory at sea and some POW which will no doubt take us up to the end of the Year.

See you Thursday


ian said...

I think the above is a good plan. As you know, not sure if I'm down on Thursday but I am looking forward to having a go at DBMM next Thursday.

mark shakespeare said...

Printed my play sheet, see you Thursday