Tuesday, 5 August 2014

New Baccus WW1 Artillery

Check out the Baccus site to have a look at the new artillery pieces.

There's a decent variation on guns and some nice models which may suit with what you are looking for Phil.

I do like the German pieces.


  1. The French gun with the mud shoes looks great. However, the new H&R quality is very good. I have used the German WW1 77mm guns for my Japs and the finish is excellent; also, as the Japs had improved the original Krupps model its firing stats are better than your WW1 versions and the crew will also get a banzai modifier if they choose to charge!

  2. It would not be too hard to better my 77mm German guns. A Belgian pea shooter c/w blind crew would do more damage. I would do well to learn not to leave them out of my off table artillery though as they can be very handy at getting shut of barbed wire in the pre bombardment!