Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Grande armee rule revue

Had a re read of the rules just to make sure I hadn't missed anything .
Army commanders can spend one command dice to reroll a movement dice (on the 6"rule)
you can skirmish into a town but not out
You get a 4+save from skirmishing if target is:- MX unit, within 2" of cavalry, in a town/redoubt
When on hold orders artillery/commanders can move, infantry/cavalry can change face (even within 6"of the enemy)
Cavalry may evade infantry attacks (will move full move away or to radius of sub commander)
If cavalry and infantry attack the same defender the unit with the highest SP is dominant,
if equal then cavalry,
If cavalry and infantry attack the same defender, the defender will form square and not fall back, it must be broken to win the combat.
Units in towns/redoubts are never flanked nor may they flank any body else.
Units in a town will not fall back if their retreat is blocked (terrain/enemy) they will lose another SP instead
Artillery that evades may still move the next pulse (they may not move if they have evaded in the same pulse)

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