Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Invasion of Malaya

1914 - British/Japanese alliance secures Britain's Asian empire.

After WW1 Britain can no longer afford a fleet twice the strength of her two nearest rivals.  Singapore identified as best base for Britain's "Gibraltar" in the East.  In the event of her Asian Empire becoming threatened a fleet would sail to Singapore.

Washington Treaty signed in 1922.  Britain accepts naval parity with USA and forces Japan to accept an inferior world position.  USA will only sign if Britain cancels her Japanese alliance.
1931, Japan fabricates Manchurian incident and begins to expand its control over China.

1939 and WW2 in Europe begins.  Following France's defeat, Japan occupies French Indo-China.  USA escalates sanctions.  Britain is preoccupied with European War.  Reinforcements for her Asian Empire come third after support for Russia.

1941 and Britain sends General Percival to take charge of Singapore and Malayan defence.  A naval base without a navy, defended by the RAF who have constructed airfields the army cannot defend.

Dec 5th 1941 and Force Z arrives to deter the Japanese!

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