Friday, 23 January 2015


The sons of mother Russia are coming
with the promise of one square meal a day and if their lucky, some boots.
These are the first recruits to the glorious Russian WW1 army.

I need more stuff now
More Infantry
120mm howitzer  ????
4.8" howitzer  ???
Larger  artillery pieces for corps level????
Odds and sods to make up corps and Div command stands
Was wondering weather the H+R British cavalry would do for my cavalry Div
Any Ideas let me know


  1. Good effort Mark, these look great. I like you basing too. I am holding off with the heavy artillery which I require as Baccus are more likely to release before you know who.

    If you are down next week for ACW I will bring my British command stands (Baccus) and cavalry (H & R)

    Whilst the Baccus command's are obviously larger figures I don't really think that they will cause that much of an issue on table plus they do look very nice.

  2. I understand that most Russian cavalry are lancers but the British ww1 cavalry are undrawn Sabres. I used staples for my french cavalry but I know you don't like messing with figures. Irregular do some very good Russian artillery but I would use H&R crew. Also, check out french artillery as the Russians bought or copied a lot of French guns. Check out land ships website which has a lot of information on equipment.

    Your troops look great but you need more and when are building the Tsar tank?

  3. Sorry Mark, didn't mean to sound harsh! I was just being concise - the website you want to checkout is Landships II.

  4. Have ordered bits from irregular and hopefully added more infantry to jon's h+r order
    will look at russ's cavalry with the vieu to adding lances.
    Mostly i need lots of infantry and mg's

  5. I will have to redo the basing of my Austro-Hungarians to 'arid' now! Looking good!