Saturday, 28 February 2015


Thanks chaps, last few weeks going over the rules and playing some excellent scenarios has been very useful and has also given me a second wind with regard to painting figures and developing my increasing amount of scenery.

Below are just a few pics from the last battle you fought

Confederate infantry on the road

Federal infantry on a picnic

choke point at the White Church Junction

The Confederate start to develop an attack..

whilst the Union hunker down for the onslaught

Birds eye view as the Rebels surge toward the Yankee lines

Union cavalry in an obvious attempt to emulate the exploits of J.E.B Stuart start a 3 hour ride around the entire confederate Corps 

The Rebel commanders discus tactics....

whilst the Union commanders attempt the 'Cruciatus' spell on Marks dispersed skirmishers


  1. Nice one Jon. It's been a great few weeks of gaming. I would like to try a 8' x 6' table or even bigger with the same amount of forces as the last game but with even more opportunity for manoeuvre.

  2. cheers jon, as always we get a good game.