Monday, 27 April 2015

Plassey Update

That's Mark leading from the front.  "Don't worry lads I've got them surrounded!"

I thought it would be a good idea to list where I'm up to with the Joy of Six game and the plan for the coming months.

First of all; the game is ready!  Basic terrain and figures are done all I am doing now is gilding the lilly.  I have to keep telling myself that so that I don't go into a cold sweat at the thought of everything I still want to do.

However, I am just putting the finishing touches to HMS Kingfisher, sloop of war.  I will post a blog showing this as soon as I've found some brown thread to complete the rigging.  This should be joined by a small flotilla of landing craft to simulate the very important naval support that enabled Clive to win.

Over the weekend I got hold of a jar of liquitex and ordered more terrain from TSS.  The plan is to create a more realistic water effect whilst keeping the versatility of the coastal terrain so that I can use it for coastlines and large rivers.

Phil, would you be able to dig out the jetty you made for Tarawa?  It might be suitable as part of the British landing stage.

The jungle, I am confident, will look great; all of you have done a brilliant job experimenting with the trees that Jon sourced - I'm looking forward to seeing what Russ will do with Phil's lichen.  The mass trees dressed the game last year and I think we will do it again this year.

I still need to improve the mango grove.  Jon is bringing along spare ply bases which I will use to individually base the trees allowing free movement for the initial British deployment.  I have some further ideas but I may need a base board similar to the ones Mark made for the woodland bases.

I may paint up some extra units if time allows.  I was hoping to use this project as an excuse to increase my Indian armies for future games for us.  I did note that Mark's ancients Indian army had skirmishing bow that could be used in this period and I think a couple of units would add to the horde.

I still need to create the ox driven artillery and I need more tents and ancillary bits and pieces to dress the battlefield.  So, if any one is placing an order with Baccus, Leven or irregular miniatures can you let me add a few items to your order?

Lastly, I would like to put the full game on later this month or early June.  It might not be fully finished but I would welcome feed back and constructive criticism.  I will play it in full to ensure that the simplified version keeps all the main ingredients.  This would allow another 4 to six weeks to hone or improve the game for its ultimate outing.  Let me know what dates are best for everyone as I would appreciate all your input.


  1. Thanks for the update Ian, looking forward to seeing what you manage to get with the water effects. I hope to have done some testing on the lichen by next week, watch this space. Early June is probably best for me as we have triples on the 19th May and I am away the next week.


  2. Any date is good for me
    looking forward to it.
    Will have to check blog to see how it played last time

  3. I'll see if I can find it. No idea where I stored it after Tarawa but it will be in a box somewhere...

  4. Can play test anytime - apart from Saturdays!

  5. That's great. I'll put some dates out on Thursday. check out Phils blog for the last time we played it which I think was February 2011!