Monday, 27 April 2015

Spanish armies for the Italian Wars

Not the most inspiring picture ever...
Primed and ready to paint, the components of two Spanish Renaissance armies - one the Spanish in Italy up to 1518, the other the Imperial Army covering 1518 to 1535.  I decided to bolster them with Landsnechts (German mercenary pike) and some Swiss pike as well (so the Spanish commander can add some beef to an otherwise frail army if caught in the open).

The shooty troops will certainly help address the issue of pike-armed opposition (as will the artillery options) as long as they are safely behind barricades or similar.  Otherwise, the chances of sword-and-buckler troops lasting long against Swiss mercenary pike are low at best.

I do need to order some genitors (which I somehow missed off the original order) and will probably need some additional pike to make up the collenas of the Imperial army (precursors to the tercio - a unit of pike and shot).  I will probably use ECW pike for these to differentiate from the more colourful Swiss and landschnects.

Anyway, once the painting begins you'll see the army develop....


  1. Has Ian Shaw been round to yours?

  2. Need to try Spanish invasion of the british isles
    up against my tudor army