Friday, 1 May 2015

Events 2015 (so far)

Russ makes a note of the next time he'll be offering to tidy the tables away!

I got a list some weeks ago from Len outlining up coming dates for the club.  I did offer to put them on the blog but due to a broken computer I have been somewhat amiss as Mark pointed out last night!

Thus, these are the relevant events so far.

16th/17th May   Sheffield Triples

23rd/24th May   Open Gaming Weekend in Main Hall

6th June             BBQ at Jon's house  (He's 41 and will need a cardio test as part of this years medical)

20th June           Phalanx, St Helens

4th/5th July       Gauntlet  (Mark will be putting on Waterloo on the Saturday to commemorate the bicentenary)

18th/19th July   Joy of Six weekend - visit to Bosworth on the Saturday and show on the Sunday

12th/13th Sept  Open Gaming Weekend in Main Hall

26th/27th Sept  Battle for Hannover (?) plus Open Gaming Weekend in Main Hall

3rd/4th Oct       Derby Wargames Show

10th Dec           Christmas Do

Feel free to add anything I have missed.

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  1. Might do some of the open gaming days on Sundays but all Saturdays out for me. :(