Friday, 26 June 2015

Kiln for Plassey

We're putting on the Battle of Plassey for Joy of Six in July. 

Most of the scenery is done (we had a run through last night) but we need to create an earth bank to surround the mango grove in which the East India Company troops hid in at the start of the battle (as varied jezzail bullets, rockets, cannon balls, arrows, spears and other missiles landed all around them from the Nawab of Bengal's forces assorted shooty troops and French artillery).

Clive had stuck some artillery in a brick kilnworks along the track that followed the road that followed the river past some empty water tanks (essentially large earthworks) in which the French had placed their artllery) and into the Bengali camp.  This was to provide covering fire against incoming Bengali forces and to engage the French artillery.

We therefore also need to make up a scratch kiln / brickworks.  I drew up a plan last night and hope to produce the finished article before our next Thursday night get together.

The plan!
The idea is to create an enclosed space in which an artillery stand can sit but will also look good (well, ok) even if vacated.  The works will be enclosed on 3 sides but allow a field of fire to the front.

That's the plan - I'll update on progress and hope it comes out ok. 


  1. Nice one That looks excellent

  2. Wow that looks impressive.can you do it?