Sunday, 26 July 2015

Battalion Advance - Thursday Night

It's time to roll out Spearhead WW2 again and to kick things off I am putting on a repeat game that we played last Year called Battalion Advance.

It's nothing too heavy and will be a good introduction back into the rules.

So for Thursday night - Phil please can you bring your trees or if you are running late pass them on to Ian?

Ian - please can you bring your latex roads ?

Unless there are any specific preferences Mark & Ian - you will take the German force

Phil and Jon will take the British.

I will either umpire or if it is not a full house will jump on one side to make it 2 v 2

I will e mail you the order of battle shortly.....

Here is the low down on the battle...........


  1. nice one Russ.
    how did sword and spear go on Thursday.
    I am basing more troops for my Roman army this weekend

  2. I will be there and Mark I have your new trees

  3. I will bring my latex roads but we may need a few extra pieces to make up all the roads. I'm happy to go the Germans as I went the British last time.

  4. I forgot to mention the obvious too Mark but please can you supply the Germans!

    Ian thumped Phil & myself with an unhistorical matchup between Carthage and Greece.

    Ian was defending and opted for just a single command which proved very effective in this type of scenario.

    Our Carthaginian army was no match for the hoplites but Phil came pretty close to routing 1 unit.

    On the other hand we lost about 6 units........

  5. We were whupped. And I suspect I will be whupped again on Thursday! I'll be late so will pass Ian my trees (they're in the boot all the time now) so Russ may have to join Jon and I'll pop along to save the day / remove all hope.

  6. Phil,your confidence in our ability to bugger up a plan is heartwarming