Saturday, 5 December 2015

The Bridge at Remagen

For our first game for Christmas I am planning on wargaming "The Bridge at Remagen" - the movie!

Sgt Angelo; if it shines he'll steal it, if it moves he'll kill it.
Lt Harley; he has the guts but not the stomach for war.

One side will take the Americans.  An armoured brigade spearheads the allied advance into Nazi Germany.  Will your fatigued units make the last supreme effort or succumb to the futility of war? 

Major Kreuger; he was ordered to blow the bridge, instead he decided to hold it.

The other side will take the Germans.  Commanding old men and boys will you defy Hitler and keep the bridge open for the trapped 15th Army and fleeing civilians before the Americans arrive?

Forget spearhead stats, these tanks are deadly.

The Americans will be lead by an indestructable recon company which will be crucial for maintaining the impetus of the attack.  However, dehumanised and sick of war will they follow your orders and lead the assault?

It's the final days of the war, these troops are not what they used to be.

The Germans are demoralised and weak.  Can you organise a successful defence whilst holding out for the promised reinforcements, or will you by lined up and shot for disobeying orders?

Will the bridge be blown to maintain the Rhine defences or will the Americans take it and bring the war to an end?

I was hoping we could all be free for the 19th December or one of the days thereabout?  Film in the morning and game in the afternoon, surely the right way to begin Christmas.  Youtube the trailer for further motivation.

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