Friday, 8 January 2016

Joy Of Six 2016 - The Bridge At Remagen

Well folks it's time to decide on this Years JOS game and last night we had a chat about what was in the pipeline.

There have been a few games that keep on cropping up in conversation....




The Somme

I think we reached a conclusion last night and despite Pavia being the strong contender I personally feel that the terrain is a bit too much to take on.

The other games above (bar the Somme) have both been played before but are both "serious" battles and would require a fair amount of sprucing up if we were to go with one of these.

It just so happened out of coincidence we looked at Ian's Christmas game "The Bridge At Remagen"

and thought...... could we put this on at JOS?

Well the response was YES

The game itself was "fun" and the mechanics are already in place, a good starting point

There is a definite feeling that this would be the most unique game at the show - even better

It just has that "Novel" feel about it and you know that no one else will be pitching in the same spot.

I just need to know that Jon and Phil are okay with this decision (we voted last night)

If we are all on board then Ian will call a meeting to lay out the Project proper.


  1. For me, Pavia would be a better option. Remember this is for show, not for gameplay. The battle and colours would look magnificent. We could do a really good job marketing it before and on the day and the scenery would not be a problem. City - Mark's new TBM town would form the main basis of this. The wall around the park - easy. Trees we got or I can make more. The figures we already have. It's purely scenery and supporting materials. But I'll go with the majority..

  2. It's good to get another viewpoint. I will go with the idea that attracts the widest support as that will be the best game.