Saturday, 16 January 2016

Their Finest Hour

Their Finest Hour

A WW2 Spearhead scenario written by Russ Fewtrell


North Western France - October 1943

36 miles North West of Brest lies the small hamlet of Saint Rennan . A detachment from the German 984th Grenadier regiment has been deployed with re enforcements to defend a Flak 88 anti aircraft battery which the Germans have deployed to defend Brest from RAF nigh time Bomber raids.
The battery has proved highly effective in defending Brest from attacks over the North Western point of Brittany forcing the allied bomber command to rethink it's flight plans and ultimately resigning to the fact that higher casualties would be inflicted should the bombers have to fly around the coast and into heavily defended axis flak fire.

As a result the allies have deployed a veteran battalion of commandos armed with specialist explosives to infiltrate and knock out the flak battery at Saint Rennan.

The scenario will take place during night time and turn 1 represents the arrival of the commandos from the small port of 'Le mole' some 23 miles West of Saint Rennan.

The allied player(s) objectives are to assault the Flak battery and place explosives to destroy the guns. There are 3 88 Flak guns deployed in the battery. To claim victory the British must of destroyed at least 2 of the guns by the end of turn 12.

The German player(s) objectives is to successfully repel the British assault. The Germans will claim a victory if they hold on to 2 guns or by beating the British attack back.

British intelligence reports of possible German re enforcements from nearby detachments of the 9th Panzer Division but there is uncertainty about the accuracy of the intelligence.

The British will come on table from the Western edge. Night time rules for spotting apply as follows:

Infantry in open - 3" extended to 6" if any stand fires
Infantry in cover - no spotting extends to 6" if any stand fires
Vehicles - as above but 6" and  12" if fired

Vehicles in cover 3" or 12" if fired

I'll e mail each of you the orders of battle shortly.......