Saturday, 19 March 2016

A few additions to the German fleets

Finally got my copy of General Quarters from Navwar - together with a collection of WW1 and WW2 German ships.

Supposed to be the WW2 Blucher (sister of the Hipper) but Navwar sent the wrong one. I'm keeping it anyway because a) I don't have it and b) why not!?
Experimental WW1 German battleship.  Never built but that will never stop me!  8 x 42cm guns - whoop whoop!

Another experimental WW1 German ship.  Heavily armed and quick with it.

WW2 - Admiral Hipper Basic cruiser but with spotter aircraft to extend effective range.  Plus loads of torpedoes.
The Graf Spee - early WW2 German.  11" guns give it some hitting power compared to most cruisers armed with 8" guns.
Graf Spee's sister ship the Admiral Scheer.  With aircraft.

H44 Frederich der Grosse.  With the Hipper for scale.  Monster of a ship with 8 x 20" guns!!  Horrendous hitting power at all ranges (and 6 spotter aircraft).  A monster.  Never built but imagine if it had been! 


  1. They do look quite brutal,the British ships always look much friendlier

    1. Typical Teutonic approach - scare the buggers to death :)