Monday, 13 June 2016

Corps Blimey!!!

Reinforcements have just arrived for my WW1 Russians in the  form of Corps/Army artillery
it was acquired from the western imperial powers (irregular).
 GWAH15 Austrian commander
 GWF23 French 155mm Howitzer
 GWR14 Russian 15cm Howitzer
 HA5 British 60lbs
 HA4 German 21cm short howitzer
HA3 Naval gun on field mounting


  1. Did the Russians have the German and British heavy artillery? Check out Landships WW1 website for lists of equipment.

  2. They will paint up nicely and look the part, just make sure you know which way the heads and arms are pointing or your end up with Exorcist Ernie

  3. Mark, check out Landships II and see the dedicated articles on Russian artillery. The 152mm 120 Pood 1877 Gun and the 152mm Obuchov look alot like the French 150mm Rimhailo as supplied by Baccus. The 152mm Putilov M10 looks like a Schneider 150mm supplied under the French WW1 list with H&R. The 8" M1913 looks like the French ww2 150mm howitzer again with H&R. The Russians were very influenced by the French before WW1. However, no one supplied any one else with heavy artillery during WW1 as everyone was desperate for these battle winners and very few (if any) were captured as no-one ever advanced that far. Any captured gun was front page news!