Friday, 8 July 2016


I was discussing the idea of spreading the JoS game over the whole day with Phil when he mentioned the idea of putting an intermission sign on the table when we were having a break!

As we discussed on Thursday, I was thinking of spreading the one game over the whole day and therefore taking the pressure off us to get two or three sessions played.  We can take a break when there's some action on the table so that passers by can see the game has moved on but more importantly we can take it easy and see more of the show.

Anyone willing to make an intermission sign?


  1. Ohh that's a terrifc idea. Also I have a directors action board which I will write The film details on and we can use to resume play at the end of each intermission!

  2. Brilliant! We've just turned sodding off and doing something else into part of the game!