Friday, 29 July 2016

Next Project Underway

I will of completed all my WW1 stuff in the next week or two which includes the time cast trenches and another 12 ft of barbed wire so what better time to decide on a new project!

I was initially thinking of delving back into ancients but have decided to buy and paint up the 1944-45 British Airborne Division which I know I will get my teeth into and enjoy.

Figures will be Adler as I loved Phil's winter war Germans last night plus Adler do some very quirky stuff including a landing zone set which has parachute canopies and supply canisters.

Adler also cover all the Bren gun units and vickers HMG plus PIAT's and mortars which is handy.

Artillery on this occasion will be courtesy of GHQ but I am asking Ian to order any tanks, jeeps plus Horsa gliders from my favourite H & R

Quite a lot to paint up and base but this Division will be used in a lot of future games for sure including Operation Birkenhead Market.


  1. Just checked out the Adler range. Some great stuff there

  2. I thought the heads would be bigger but your Germans looked the part. I think what sold it for me was the figures are more animated in their stances. I also like the variety of support weapons and gun crews. I did not realise he had such a complete WW2 range until I looked.

  3. An air landing brigade with an armoured division would make a great operational game or would you risk a whole paratroop division with only an armoured brigade in support?