Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Remagen Update - BOOM!

Phil has made some excellent explosion markers for the bridge.  They don't fit within the span but as can be seen above, they look superb either side.

And because Phil anticipated that they wouldn't fit he has made some extra effects to fit within the span - I'm impressed!  Phil will you make me some extra markers to use in WW1 and WW2 spearhead which would then be used in the operational games for off table artillery?

Russ and Phil have been swapping emails regarding the display board - can't wait to see how that looks.

Check out the Baccus website where Phil has written up our game from last Thursday and posted Russ' pictures - I'd want to play that game!

Only thing that isn't in place is the sound effects and theme tune - but Mark says he has a plan - should I be worried?


  1. They look stunning, excellent job Phil!

    I am typesetting the board prints tomorrow, they will be printed possibly tomorrow if I am lucky.

  2. We could just "hum" the theme tune all day long

  3. What happened to your plan Mark or dare I ask?

  4. doing as we speak, just recording Sarah on the trumpet as I hum along

  5. Hope it's a brass trumpet

  6. Ian - will do some thinner ones to fit the span and knock out some additional for WW1