Friday, 12 August 2016

All hail the British 25 pdr

Thursday nights game
was too busy rolling double sixes (so this is what it feels like to be Russ, Omnipotent)
to take many pictures.
British Attacked from two directions using Churchill VII tanks as flank attack with 2 regiments of 25 Pdrs providing cover fire .
German reserves came on behind the British flank attack but the tanks rumbled out of range and out of  danger.
main German battalion redeployed to counter the threat but the trusty 25 Pdrs took out the infantry at the wood edge making the support weapons impotent.
These 500 point encounter games are very challenging where you have to use combined arms to succeed , recon is a must

Ian have a look at Hotz mats, I can be talked into buying some roads.


  1. Great game last night. The tactical manoeuvring beforehand was very interesting and Russ was unlucky that he chose a defensive kampfgruppe that was not mobile enough to stop the overwhelming Churchill tank assault. And yes, the 25 pounders were fabulous!

    The Hotz roads are excellent - the choice is huge. The winter roads are superb. Count me in!

  2. Not only did the British win using the 25 pounders, I was stung with dice depression.

    How dare you roll double six twice in one game Mark!

    Well played though, I enjoyed the banter and had fun building a 500 point German force.

    As ever you always look back at a game in hindsight and think about how you would do it next time differently.

    I would of been better off with some tanks as a reserve instead of the artillery bolstered battalion. Would of made for an interesting clash with the Churchill's!

    Better luck next time Fritz!