Monday, 19 September 2016

American infantry division

So whilst I'm away working I thought I'd do some homework
Points value for US 45 infantry division
Division regular
Tank battalion- 1 company M4 76mm
3No Foo
1No 240mm (8") howitzer battery
        1No regiment (3 battalions)motorised with trucks

Points 1653

Tank regiment from 45 light division -Regular
2 battalions M4 with 1 company M4 76mm
1 heavy battalion M4 jumbo 1 company M4 76mm jumbo

Points  824
(that's 40 tank platoons to a regiment)

Gents I wont be able to put anything on this Thursday but I will be there


  1. It would be a bugger flushing out dug in infantry in cover with a decent anti tank gun(s) in support . US tanks will be dead at 18" to 12" depending on jerry gun and won't even see what's killed them. If infantry don't reveal themselves US may loose a battalion without even identifying which wood the gun is in.

  2. I am waiting to see if there is any air borne forces available from Warrington
    A regiment of paratroopers would be very handy

  3. There is also a regiment of armoured infantry available with a mobile artillery regiment in support