Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Grande Armee ancients

That needs a better title!
So, we talked about using the fast play grande armee rules for ancients at Sheffield and I have been rolling it round my head for a few weeks.
The rules needed very little adjusting and it took longer just waiting for the beer mats to arrive from ebay.
This was just a solo game last night and will need to be play tested against you lads before its ready for general release.
Roman legionaries trained men, can form shield wall to front giving them a 6+ save
their unit strength is the No of combat bases, in this case 9
the archers behind are their skirmish value 3

Gaul war band irregular troops, the round base gives them no flanks and they can move in any direction their strength is 7 and is reduced to 6 if 2No skirmish stands are added.
most units will be irregular except for the trained units of the day
Legionaries, Hoplites, pike phalanx, immortals

Roman axillaries strength 9 no SK value

Set up

Pulse 1 armies move
I gave the Roman commander a good rating 3xD6
with sub commanders 0 rating
The Gaul war lord war average 2xD6
with war chiefs at +2 rating

Armies close and casualties are given and taken
bases are slightly larger than normal and a few stands were lost when bases retired thru friendlies

Roman left secure on the hill

Roman right getting overrun

Roman centre is gone but the Gaul's have paid a heavy price


  1. Do you think the system works?

  2. Yes
    It is quite brutal and you have to be careful about falling back thru friendlies
    The Romans lost most of their bases by falling back into the enemy
    It needs play testing and tweaking in places but the core rules are sound and you get to fight with a lot of figures
    Will need to think about elephants and horse Archers as well as other specialist troops to give each army it's own flavour

  3. Hmmm...... I think that they will give you a game but the core rules are a bit too abstract for my liking. In the Napoleonic version I can live with losing a lot of detail as a trade off to getting a big game played reasonably fast which is something I have enjoyed very much after the last two Gauntlets.

    For this to to work as an ancients set is going to require a lot of ground work because you need to consider much more than just grading troop types by giving them more strength.

    I think you can get away with abstracting certain things to speed up play but flavour the sauce you need more salt so to speak.

    I'll certainly give it a go to see how it plays.

  4. I would like input from all the group to help make it an accurate represention and a satisfying game to play