Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Destroyed vehicle markers for Spearhead

Unsuspecting Stug in winter colours 
Mark asked me to knock up some markers to show knocked out tanks for our Spearhead WW2 battles.  Leaning heavily on Big Lee's original idea I have created a simple item that sits on top of tanks of any size.  Bent wire, stuffing material and black spray paint and voila!

The wire is bent in a U around the front (or back) of the vehicle. Then twisted up and over the top of the tank.  The polyester material (I suspect it is polyester) is then glued to the wire and twisted to give the plume effect (wider at the top than the bottom).

Each time a vehicle is knocked out on the battlefield, a marker is placed over the top to show the progress of battle and who lost what where (the tanks are therefore left in place rather than removed).

The same markers can be used on trucks, AFV's etc. as well as knocked out guns and bunkers (maybe smaller ones for the guns...)

The same Stug close up traversing tricky terrain (our couch)
Boom!  Russian ATG gets him.  

The view from above - bail out Fritz!