Thursday, 29 December 2016

Java Sea Campaign - General Quarters

We have all had extensive experience with the General Quarters WW2 rules in 2016 and to kick off 2017 I have wanted to escalate the rules further into a more meaningful campaign.

So I am proposing to run the Java Sea campaign which will cover 4 major battles being:

1. The battle of Makassar strait beginning on the 4th Feb 1942
2. The battle of Badung strait 19th Feb 1942
3.The battle of the Java Sea Feb 27th  to 1st March 1942
4.The battle of Sundra Strait 1st March 1942

These are not going to just be 4 battles I want to include some strategic planning and movement in between each battle to spice things up.

I am hoping Ian will be able to help me make this happen as he has some good experience with Naval campaigns.

I have all the ship lists which cover the campaign but will likely need to do some work on some of these to fit them into the rules.

Ian has all the ships we require for the Japanese and I am sure that between Mark & Jon we have enough British and US ships to field the allies.

I think this would be a great campaign and could be run on consecutive Thursday nights until finish.

Please let me have your thoughts and further suggestions?

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  1. Great idea Russ. A well contained and balanced campaign which won't go on for too long. We will need to practice the naval rules again and we need to try out the air combat rules.