Friday, 6 January 2017

Armoured Train

A fully armed and armoured diesel powered scout will act as recon for the main armoured train.

I got a few things finished over Christmas and this H&R Soviet armoured train was one of them.  In anticipation of our next operational game set during the Barbarossa offensive, I will be giving the Russian players one of these to give them some tactical flexibility in compensation for their poor command and control.

The layout can be altered by the players and changed during the game if the train is taken off table for one turn!

The train has nine components; 1x engine, 2x turreted artillery cars, 2x Katyusha and AA cars, 2x ammo cars and 2x track/engineering cars.  In addition, as part of the unit, there will be a recon rail car, 2x engineer units and a cavalry recon element allowing the artillery components to bombard adjacent tables.  The train will require no orders and can move 12" a turn.  The track will repalce the road on 1C, 2C and 3B.  The train can be configured in any way the players want and ammo is unlimited as long as the ammo cars are not destroyed.

Aircraft and indirect artillery will attack random cars on a D10 which will ascertain which part of the train is suppressed/destroyed.

I need to work out defence levels for the elements - any suggestions?


  1. very nice, looking forward to dive bombing it

  2. Looks fantastic - The turret cars are very impressive. Not sure if I could suggest a defense value but a 6 for the turret cars sounds about right. You would think these would be a t least as armored as a Sherman tank?

    But I don't know an awful lot about trains, well at least armoured ones.....

  3. That looks brilliant. As for defence levels I'd treat the turretted cars as a T34, the open cars as a truck and the engines as a T34 as well. The AA I would treat as an SPG as they are open topped.

  4. In attacking an armoured train with a bomb I'd probably suggest that the attacker rolls to hit THEN rolls to see what they've hit (with the AA modifiers of course).