Monday, 16 January 2017

Thursday star wars

Another star wars game
A lot cagier this time With the empire using an Imperial star destroyer to lead the way and a strong fighter/bomber wing to supplement it.
The rebels used no fighters and kept their distance by moving around the debris field.
Points were awarded for destroyed ships and face up damage cards issued.
Both fleets lost a ship but the rebels came out on top with more damage cards put on the empire fleet
Fine performance young Fewtrell.

So more ships were purchased and the empire fleet grows


  1. I thought by not taking any squadrons would cost me and it very nearly did.

    You cocked it up on the last turn activating the wrong ship but I will take my wins however they come thank you !

    Jesus how many fighters do you need!

    I am hanging off buying more ships for a bit as I have broke then bank this Month

  2. At what point do you declare this a fetish?

  3. When I get my stormtrooper outfit