Monday, 13 February 2017


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Thanks Ozy for a great day on Saturday and thanks Mark for putting such a tremendous fleet together for me.  It's a fun game system with ready to roll models that is quick and straight forward to play.  I can't help feeling that the big ships backed up with some cards are unbeatable and my worry is that once you've got the winning formulae, that's it, until someone comes up with another expensive rules re-write.

However, it got me thinking about an operational game approach.  Each table could reflect our WW2 tables; rivers become asteroid belts, towns become planets with ion cannon and requiring ground assault etc.  If you don't secure your line of supply you do not fight at full capacity.  I'm sure we could think up loads of ideas.

However, it would cost!  We would need 8 more space boards (or Marks dirty blankets) and a tonne more ships.  That would be up to Mark, Russ and Ozy - but I would play it!

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  1. That sounds good to me, "operational star wars" no 6 turn limit to fight, there will be ships warping in and out of a table. This may be where the small ships come into their own.
    I will defiantly be getting more ships.
    There must be a way to beat the brutal star destroyers, we just haven't found it yet.
    I may find out when I go to the tournament, I will be trying Ian's fleet with a little tweaking.
    Thanks for a good day Oz, nice "man cave"

  2. I don't share your optimistic view. The Imperial SD would be on its own with no other ships a challenge to take on with the best the Rebel fleet has to offer but with all the other Imperial ships on table it simply is unbeatable.

    In Imperial fleet would be okay against it but I have made my mind up about the Rebel fleet. It stood up pretty well against Oz's fleet but like in other games where I got thumped the ISD played a part.

    I feel that 11 hull out the box plus the upgrade to 14 makes it a bit silly. When you consider that an MC80 comes with 8 hull with no upgrade it's not exactly a fair match!

    Like you say perhaps there is some magic way not yet found to take these down and I'll keep on trying for sure. I have plenty more tricks up my rebel scum sleeve yet......

    Great day, thanks Oz.

    Mark - you would need a bank loan to build an operational fleet!

  3. we may have to watch a lot of youtube battles but there must be a way.
    this is a tournament game, and if the Imperials were that unbeatable no one would collect the rebels.
    As for operational games, I made up 2x 400 point fleets for Saturday and I still had enough for a further 400 point fleet.
    I still haven't finished buying ships as I want 2 support flotillas and the new Aquitaine ship plus a possible second Imperial star destroyer.
    We have talked about doing a large fleet battle and the operational game would suit it with multiple people playing at their own speed.

  4. Operational Armada sounds.... interesting.... - however we may want to check out teh campaign rules as well as they have been released (ill bring them next time I come over).

    Re Rebel Fleet Russ - I still think your being a bit coy with home 1, I'm gonna see if I can build a Rebel fleet and play with that - you should have a go at building an imperial one and playing with that for a while!

    Not going to be there this Thursday however as I will be coming back from a trip doon sooth.

  5. Lol.... Coy is a phrase I could loosely translate as "shit scared"

    When you have been thumped as many time as I have by the Imperials there is a certain hesitation to use your best ship as you would want.

    I'll be coming out all guns blazing next time though as I have more ships on the way from the Gifte shoppe