Saturday, 11 March 2017

Armoured Train and Medium Bomber Rules

Armoured Train

A fully armed and armoured diesel powered scout will act as recon for the main armoured train.
The layout can be altered by the players and changed during the game if the train is taken off table for one turn!

The train has nine components; 1x armoured engine, 2x armoured turreted artillery cars, 2x armoured Katyusha and AA cars, 2x unarmoured ammo cars and 2x unarmoured track/engineering cars.  In addition, as part of the unit, there will be a recon rail car, 2x engineer units and a motor cycle recon element allowing the artillery components to bombard adjacent tables.  The train will require no orders and can move 12" a turn (Double if uncontested).  The track will replace the road on 1C, 2C and 3B.  

Armoured units have a DEF of 5 and unarmoured units have a DEF of 2.  Target priority for all German units firing directly is the nearest armoured unit, then unarmoured unit, then engine.

The train can be configured in any way the players want.  Elements of the train can be dropped off and left in a static role.

The ammunition trucks carry two extra rounds of Katyusha ammo and have to be taken off table for one clear turn to reload (One round on the Katyusha and two in the trucks.

The engineer trucks are able to repair track and perform any other engineering tasks.

Aircraft and indirect artillery will attack random cars on a D10 which will ascertain which part of the train is suppressed/destroyed.

The Soviet players must decide at the beginning of the game whether the local commander or the CinC controls the train.

There is no morale for the train.

The armoured recon scout can call in indirect Katyusha on a +1 on the battalion support.
The M/C recon can operate up to 24" from the engine and can move onto adjacent tables - it will roll as normal on the battalion support for Katyusha support.

Medium Bombers

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I thought I would keep this simple.  As medium bombers are more vulnerable in our rules I think we need to give them an edge to make us want to deploy them.  Use the same 6" attack zone but everything is attacked instead of just three units.  There is no limit to the first element attacked being armoured - they can all be armoured!  The benefit is that the these are good against dense formations - just like the real thing.

Let me know what you think.


Russ Fewtrell said...

The armoured train looks the part. It's probably going to get whacked pretty quick but I think it might cause a few problems for the Nazi scum.

I would agree with your bomber rule suggestions too.

Phil can lead us to a glorious victory (or quick death!)

mark shakespeare said...

train looks impressive, that's going to be a hard nut to crack.
Bombers spot on, the no limit rule makes them a viable alternative to fighter/bombers