Sunday, 12 March 2017

C in C Rules for Operational Games

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I have to admit, I'm looking forward to our next operational outing as this will be the first time we have a C in C player for both sides.  Frank and Ozy have stepped up to the challenge and I am hoping that this will give another level of depth to the game and also make the game run more smoothly.

The following are the C in C rules.

- The C in C will issue all orders and draw command arrows.  These will be communicated to subordinates by text.  One order per subordinate player can be issued each turn.

- The C in C cannot move beyond the Reserve Table base line unless they deploy themselves as a unit and travel to visit their subordinates.  Whilst deployed they cannot communicate except by text.  If a C in C and subordinate commander are in contact on the same table they may talk together (this is the only opportunity for huddling in a corner and whispering!).

- The C in C may talk directly to their subordinates but the subordinate must be at the furthest forward table of their deployed units (this way we do not need complicated wireless intercept rules).

- The C in C is responsible for all reserve commitments.

- The C in C will coordinate all Aircraft attacks.

- The C in C will coordinate all off table artillery and be responsible for ammunition usage.

- Subordinate commanders are allowed to initiate break offs.

That's it!  Hopefully simple and fun.  Let me know if you can think of anything I have missed.  This should be my last blog amendment before the game.


Russ Fewtrell said...

Looking forward to this one. I hope everyone can make it down on Saturday. These new C in C rules will make the game better for everyone and take the command and control aspect away from the battalion commanders allowing hem to focus more on the action.

I would like to use the same setup when we do the Somme for WW1 which is something I am looking forward too also

Phil Broeders said...

This sounds like fun. Hope the phones work otherwise we'll need flags and we all know how that can turn out....

mark shakespeare said...

nothing wrong with flags
Don't forget to charge your phone
These rules look spot on

Osian ap Glyn said...

Sounds awesome - looking forward to it :)