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Operational Game, german thoughts


No one would have believed in the early years of the 1940’ies that Russian affairs where being watched by intelligences that inhabited the growing 3rd Reich. No one could have dreamed we were being scrutinized as someone with a microscope studies creature that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. Few Russians even considered the possibility of war with Germany and yet, across the Polish border minds immeasurably superior to theirs regarded this land with envious eyes, and slowly and surely they drew their plans against them.


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German plans

The plan was simple in effect, the majority of a panzer division under Jon’s command  would assault down tables C and D with the possible objective of isolating table 1C reducing their supply before eliminating the forces there.

The armored train was a worry  as most German anti-tank values were too low to guarantee a hit, coupled with the Katushka rocket ability  made it a force to be recond with.

If 2C could be suppressed then the recon battalion was poised to strike down the right hand side and cross over to 2B behind the river.

Our CandC would feed units into the advance to keep the pressure on whilst maintaining a reserve.

Tables A and B commanded by mark were the push and hold.

He had 3 battalions of infantry , 2 battalions of panzer 38’s and an engineering battalion . The original plan was to take A1 and B1 and then demonstrate at tables A2 and B2  collecting the points on the near side of the river and possibly drawing reserves to the A and B tables away from the main thrust.

The Germans had from army reserves a battalion of Falchemjager  to use, and the plan was to wait until 3 pm before deploying onto 3A to suppress the airfield and put any Russians on A and b tables out of supply, this coupled with the recon battalion appearing behind the river at 2B and the forces at A and B going over to the offensive with the engineers constructing a bridge to keep the Falchemjager in supply.

What enfolded was very close to the plot from the film “A bridge too far”.

A dug in Russian battalion on table A sucked in 2 German battalions who should have had no problems clearing the area except for a devastating air attack that destroyed 1 battalion and by the time the Russian were cleared the other battalion  was a wasted asset.

3 pm came and  the Germans could not get over the river to support the paratroopers who were annihilated by the Russian reserves. The Recon battalion couldn’t get thru and the engineers laid the bridge but only provided the Russians a means to cross the river.

Air capabilities were managed by the CandC and decisions would be made on requests by front line commanders.

Due to the devastating effects of the Russian bombers suppressing the forward airfield was the right plan.

In hind sight the push and hold plan could have been achieved with fewer troops and the falchemjager used for a different mission.

In conclusion the German plan succeeded but paid a heavy price for the small gains.
Well played Jon, Ozz
Yet another fab game gents, C and C positions worked and added another layer to the overall experience

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