Monday, 1 May 2017

Fire & Fury rule clarifications and news

Firstly, excellent game on Thursday between Mark (conf) and Ian (Union) on the operational table. Fought with a 3/2 advantage on the attacking Union side it proved to be a good indication that the ACW operational game will work very well.

In other news Fire and Fury brigade level 2nd edition goes on sale on 2nd June , so that's my birthday sorted.

Finally, I spent a little time on the fire and Fury website to clarify s few small points that where raised in the game on Thursday.

Firstly , irrespective of formation a breakthrough charge can only be made up to 45 degrees at the Nearest enemy unit and if the charging unit cannot reach that unit it stops when it's movement is exhausted.

Secondly a brigade in field column can wheel once at the start of it's charge onto any facing but then must charge directly forward at the unit it is charging. It cannot do multiple turns in a charge. It still has the advantage over a line formation that can only echelon or wheel up to 45degrees.

Finally a unit in woods ,forced backwards ,only has to retreat out of line of sight rather than musket range, the retreating unit cannot decide to retreat further and if it gets caught by a breakthrough that is the luck of the draw.


Ian said...

It was a very good game on Thursday. I was lucky that I guessed right with my concentration of force at the start of the game and was able to overwhelm Mark with superior numbers. Definitely worth fighting again. Also, I had a thought about the aircraft comparative rule; how about troops low on ammo only get replenished on the hour as well as being out of musket fire - unless you are the defender who can draw down supplies from table 3b on the half hour?

mark shakespeare said...

fine game indeed

jono said...

Interesting idea for ammo. In the new set of rules ammo resupply has changed to an infantry action , like unlimber/limber for artillery and must be rolled for on the manoeuvre table. I've got a copy of the proposed 6mm scale charts for 2nd edition and it makes more of commanders, divisional and corps morale and units experience with effects to both manoeuvre and shooting on much easier to read tables. Routed/ broken units (swept from
The field) don't just disappear either, they run toward the edge of the table and must be attempted to rally in each manoeuvre phase all though failure can result in loss of more stands.Could she significant in the operational game. It would appear also that a brigade in a division may have its effectiveness reduced if its parent division has taken heavy losses or the army has lost possession of a significant objective i.e what would have happened to Union morale if Colonel Chamberlain and the 20th Maine had not held the Round Top. Richard has taken years developing and play testing this 2nd edition and if adds to what is already a great set of rules there will be Interesting times head.