Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Deeside defenders annual gamming weekend
This year we put on a Star wars battle

A crushing defeat for the rebels
they couldn't stand up to the power of the dark side
A selection of other games played


  1. A miserable day at the office for the Rebels. But it's time you pulled your finger out and won one Mark!

    Captain hindsight tells me that my flank attack was badly placed and really failed to support the centre when it should. Luke & co arrived from hyperspace but failed to make any impression and by then I had lost too many main ships to think this was a walk over for Mr Vader and Co.

    Good game though and well played.

    Lets stick with smaller actions of maybe 600 points next time.

    Are you going to the Element store championships on the 23rd ?

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  3. Your game looked epic - looks a lot better since you binned the dirty blanket. A lot of the other games looked pretty good as well - was the show an improvement on last year?

  4. Was that a commando raid in Norway?