Wednesday, 26 July 2017

On the work bench

A selection of stuff that is on the work bench at the moment
1980's British

APC, some with MG turret

Battle group WW2 rules

American rifle section including BAR LMG

Platoon, 3 rifle sections,50mm mortar, 30cal MMG and command section.
This would be represented by one base of infantry in Spearhead

Higher HQ and 50cal HMG

German rifle section and MG34 MMG section

German platoon
3 rifle sections, 3 MG34 sections and command section
with 3No MG34 per platoon, no wonder spearhead Germans are so good

Higher HQ, 50mm mortar, MG42 HMG section, sniper stand and Panzerschreck


Russ Fewtrell said...

Nice job on the re basing of your 1/72's Mark. I'll probably go the same way with mine in terms of base sizes.

Just waiting for Mr Postman to deliver my British......

Ian said...

very nice