Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Indo-Pakistan War 1965

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Indian infantry armed with SLR and Stirling?

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Pakistani infantry armed with Kalishnikov and MG42?

I've been trawling around my old magazines when I found a spearhead compatible scenario for the Indo-Pakistan War of 1965.  Roughly a division each side and fighting over the a 7' x 5' table I checked to see if between us we might already have the troops for an alternative post WW2 battle - and I think we do - if Russ and Mark fancy a different outing for the armies they already have.

The Indian Army is largely British uniformed, organised and equipped with 25 pounders, Stuarts and Shermans.  They do have some Centurions but I think the T55's can masquerade as them?

The Pakistani Army is also British influenced and uniformed but they seem to prefer US helmets.  Equipped with Shermans and Chaffees, they also field Patton tanks (about 10 for this scenario) and I think Mark may already have these?

The only items we don't have are the jets used in this battle; Sabres, Canberras, Gnats and Hunters - would Mark and Russ be interested in investing in these aircraft (or anyone) to get this large but easily organised battle up and running?

I'm not sure if we would use WW2 spearhead or modern spearhead for this game - I suppose it depends on whether anyone can identify any difference in the sets that would be apparent in 1965.

Up to Mark and Russ if you want me to progress this.


  1. I don't mind supplying the aircraft.

    1. Brilliant - I'll post the proper list. An extra aircraft type or tank unit might enable us to field a huge variety of armies with the troops we already have.

  2. Looks like the Pakistanis were buying anything the local arms dealer could get his hands on

  3. Pakistanis Ready!!!!
    Just let me know how many Patton's