Friday, 11 August 2017

thursday night

With the club closed this week Russ and I decided to try out the Battlegroup rules
Americans against Germans 2 platoons each

Americans won
whats happening next week


  1. Looks good; who played which side and what do you think of the rules? I might still be struggling to make it next Thursday - we're a bit thin on the ground at work with holidays!

  2. I took the Americans. Rules wise they are both fluid, well written and give both players some excellent tactical options.
    Have to say I was impressed very much by this game. By being able to choose between aimed fire and suppression fire gives you some clever options in how you attack an enemy position and the wide choice of order combinations make for a great gaming experience.

    We only touched on the infantry side of things with mortars and light machine guns. Looking forward to getting more games in.

    I am hoping that Ozy will let us know about Bolt Action for next week at the club. I have to go down and drop off Franks figures so I am defo at the club on Thursday