Monday, 2 October 2017

I'm Back!!!!

Bonjour les amis, je suis de retour de mon holliday en France
Just a few pics of intrest from the Brittany paninsular
First up the U Boat pens at Loriet

K1, end pen used as a slipway for weekend boating

K3, there is a guided tour for this but it is French

K3 it huge

K1, so there was a gate down to water level that I just went thru and walked right thru to the other end and out of K1
Don't know if I was allowed there, but I wandered thru confidently with a "bonjour" to anybody that looked my way 

beach beyond the small town of Cozon south of Brest

AT emplacement has seen better days

Got the landing zone covered

Spotter position?

Sneaky, I walked passed this a couple of times without noticing

Another position, there was a small room behind the main area possible ammo store

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Ian said...

Glad you got your priorities right with your holiday snaps!