Sunday, 14 January 2018

Naval Scenario #10 - Rodina

Note : points factors based on General Quarters 2 attack and defence factors added together.  Pints are in parentheses.  Message for Russ, Ian, Mark and Jon - this will be the scenario for Thursday

1943.  The Russians are riding on the back of their stunning victory at Stalingrad and on all fronts the German forces are being pushed back.  Stalin has decreed that it time for the Soviet navy to add its strength to the struggle - for too long the naval forces have sat behind minefields and let the Germans control the Baltic.  No more!  Orders are received to roam into the Baltic and sink any German ships (or those of their allies).  An opportunity has arisen to do so - a major convoy heading from Gdansk into Turku to supply armaments and other supplies into Finland.


Alas, it is a cunning ruse cooked up by the Abwehr.  Not a merchant convoy but a heavily armed squadron comprising some of the best remaining German ships afloat and a new type of destroyer.  

But Russia has its own effective spy network and they too know the composition of the forces ranged against them.

In the desperation of all-out war, there can be no compromise.  Make no mistake, this will be a battle to the death!

8x6 table.  Denote one wide edge north and the other south.  Germans enter from the South. Russians from the North East corner.  Place all ships within 12" of their entry point in whatever formation you choose.


Special Rules
Russians have initiative at the start of the battle.

Visibility is good (bright winters day)

Russian Forces
Battlecruiser - Sevestapol (44)

Cruisers - Kirov (11), Krasny Krim (9), Kasny Kavaz (9), Chervona Ukrania (9)

Destroyers - 4 Leningrad class destroyers (18 points)

Total : 100 points

German Forces

Battlecruiser - Scharnhorst (34) 

Pocket Battleship - Lutzow (18) 

Cruisers - Prinz Eugen (17), Nurnberg (9), Leipzig (9)

Destroyers - 3 x 1942 type (12 points)

Total : 100 points

Victory conditions
Russians - sink the Scharnhorst and any two major ships 

Germans - sink the Sevastapol and any two cruisers.

If time runs out, whichever side is closest to their victory condition wins.


Ian said...

Is this a what if scenario as I can't believe this ever happened? But a great choice for a scenario; all the others you've posted will keep us busy for some weeks.

Phil Broeders said...

I checked on Russ' email about what Russian ships he had and based a scenario around that. Completely made up but should be fun!

Russ Fewtrell said...

Nice one Phil, will be good to get my Russian fleet out again. With the Cruisers and Destroyers on table there will be a load of torpedo attacks. I checked out your fleet and this is a nicely balanced game.

Ian - for the week after I could have some French ships ready if you tell me the scenario?

Ian said...

Will do; I'll try and get it together by Thursday if not sooner!