Friday, 16 March 2018

Thinking out loud

My list for this year and ongoing

I'm pretty happy with WW1 / WW2 and Renaissance (together with WW1 and WW2 naval) as my core interests.  I don't intend to get a 'modern' army - it looks like most bases are covered by everyone else anyway.  I also need to thin the metal mountain down.

So in no particular order

a) Complete the WW1 Austrians.  Mainly the artillery and MG's / mortars.

b) Complete the Italian WW2 fleet - and paint and sell off the extraneous units.

c) Complete the Spanish Renaissance armies (basically this just means some collenas bases then 'proper' tercio units)

d) Complete the Russian and German forces for WW2 winter (including a Hungarian force to represent unwilling allies).  Mainly the mounted units and artillery/

e) Have an American WW2 winter army for Battle of the Bulge

f) Sell off all the 10mm I've acquired (all ancients)

g) Sell off the unpainted metal for AWI / Ancients / Napoleonics - I will not get around to completing them and so might as well get rid.

h) Sell off the 6mm Norman army

i) Sell off the 6mm Roman army


  1. I’ll buy your AWI and Napoleonic stuff off you.

  2. Bring in your Norman and Roman sets, I may be tempted
    Good list mind!

  3. Good plan Phil. Definitely would like to see the Renaissance Spanish in the field again; there are some excellent battles for them - and we could always do another operational game with them. The winter operational game should be a priority for this year.