Thursday, 24 May 2018

Cityscape terrain board

Inspired by Mark's game from a few weeks ago and my new "workshop" facility, I have begun experimentation on new city boards.  Phil's posting on his personal blog has also thrown up some ideas.

I am taking the 1980 siege of Koramshahr from the Iran-Iraq War as my inspiration as I want to use a devastated city in the desert and integrate this with my existing boards.  I can also use them for Tobruk, future battles in Tunisia and, when I have my mountains finished, I may use them for a Monte Cassino scenario.

Related image
Mosul after last years fighting - this is what I want the base boards to represent.

My current thinking is to create a base board that blends into the surrounding desert boards but has more blacks, greys and light beiges to simulate more intensive fighting, urban material etc. The whole board would represent broken ground or rough ground.

On top of these I would place variously sized urban sectors, more intensively coloured with extra debris.  Troops would move from them and into them as in the spearhead rules.

Any suggestions always welcome!

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